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FREE 2 OZ. Sample

Order Your FREE SAMPLE today! You Depending on availability, you may have to wait up to 2 weeks. This just depends on what we have in stock.


2 Ounce Sample             Microgreens

Attention Local Chefs! We are offering 1 FREE 2 oz. Sample of any of our microgreens. You can proceed to the Contact page and submit your request. 


Fresh & Local

We have select, seasonal produce. We will be offering what we have available through this website.


Your Free 2oz. Sample!

If you are a Chef, or a restaurant manager, you have the option of sampling any of our Microgreens for yourself. You will receive a 2oz. sample, delivered to your location, FREE of charge, as long as you live within a 15 mile radius of our location.

Of course, this offer is subject to availability, so there is a chance that you may have to wait up to 14 days in order to receive your sample. Please proceed to the Contact page and  complete the form.