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  Speckled Peas

This essential vitamin can help to protect an immune system that is depleted from stress, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, or obesity.


Speckled Pea

Speckled Sprouting Peas are a must have for any chef. Your customers will love these.


Red Arrow

We have Red Arrow Radish Microgreens available. These are absolutely delicious.


Hydroponic Microgreens NO Chemicals

Located in Janesville, Wisconsin. Harmony Hydro is a Local Hydroponic Microgreen Farm. We are a small family owned business established in 2019.   Hydroponic greens & select produce can be produced, harvested, packaged and delivered to you, at your location. Your micros can be  delivered to you, alive. You can harvest them on your own and serve them as fresh as they can possibly be Your customers will love them! If you are a Small Business Owner, Chef, Cook, or a Restaurant Manager and would like to add delicious greens to your menus, then Harmony Hydro will provide you with a FREE SAMPLE to try yourself.  


Hydroponic Microgreens

Feel free to reach out to us if you would like to place an order for Hydroponic Microgreens. Or, if you would like to take advantage of our FREE SAMPLE offer.


We will advertise the types of produce that we have available here. Our greens are grown in Coco Coir & given filtered well water. No Fertilizers or Nutrients!

3 Varieties

We are offering 3 different types Micros at this time. You can order by the Ounce or the Pound.

 Order Your Micros Today!


Fresh Micros & Select Produce

Depending on the season and time of year, we will have select produce available, such as our Signature Heirloom Tomatoes, or Red Arrow Radish Greens. If you are interested in locally grown hydroponic microgreens, feel free to contact us.


Why Choose Us?

We are your premier local hydroponic farm. Place an order and what we do not have on hand, we will grow, harvest, package and deliver products to your location,  FREE right here in Janesville, Wisconsin.

100% Clean

Our produce is 100% Pure and Clean.

Nutrient Free

There is no need to use any Nutrient solution with our micros.

100% Healthy

Our Micros are packed with up to 40x the nutrition.

All Hydroponic

All our products are clean and 100% pure and hydroponic.

Rich Nutrition

Packed with more nutrition then their adult counterpart.

Affordable Price

Microgreens can sell for up to $50 per pound.


Hydroponic Micros

We care for your produce 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is what we do, it is our job. Your greens and produce will be delivered FRESH and DELICIOUS guaranteed! We will even deliver your greens alive if you wish. Your customers will love them and want MORE!

Black Oil Sunflower

We offer premium Black Oil Sunflower microgreens.

Speckled Sprouting Peas

Delicious Sprouting Speckled Peas Packed With Nutrients and Fiber.

Cherry Tomatoes

Sweet & Delicious tiny reds.

Radish Microgreens

Delicious, Fresh and Crunchy, with a taste of pure & delicious radish flavor.


Free Delivery in Janesville, Wisconsin.


Our Next Harvest

Our next harvest will be Red Arrow Radish Micros. These are a so delicious, crunchy & wonderful.